Episode 7: Fuel Dock Debbie

Sometimes in cruising—and in life—things don’t go like you planned.
Ask Me Anything! (Listener Mail)

This Week On The Podcast: I’m Answering Your Questions!

Well, the title pretty much says it all. This week, I'm answering listener questions from YOU, #HowNotToSailer...!
Crab Pots north of Marathon

Episode 6: The Great Leap Forward

In this episode, I make the leap 90 miles south from Marco to Marathon, and find...something in the way. (Or many somethings, really.)

Episode 5: Jacie Sails

In this episode, we finally meet the main character—Jacie Sails—and learn how she got her unusual name.

Episode 4: Sounds

Sounds can be critical on a boat...
Fog Off Clearwater Pass-How Not To Sail

Episode 3: Fog

Besides crab pots and lightning, this is probably my new least favorite thing.


How Not To Sail