Status Update from Eleuthera

Lots going on, as usual...
Our view from the cottage at Eleuthera


Don't visit here! (We want it all to ourselves!)
Fuel Dock Debbie

Episode 7: Fuel Dock Debbie

Sometimes in cruising—and in life—things don’t go like you planned.

Why I Sail (Er, Cruise…)

There are a lot of reasons a perfectly normal person would buy a floating money pit—er, sailboat—and decide to go messing about on the water…
Ask Me Anything! (Listener Mail)

This Week On The Podcast: I’m Answering Your Questions!

Well, the title pretty much says it all. This week, I'm answering listener questions from YOU, #HowNotToSailer...!

Holy!!?! Amazing Nautical/Pirate Artwork…

While we're waiting to see what happened under the bridge, check out this amazing timelapse of nautical art creation in Phototshop...