Audio Production Day In Marathon

There are definitely worse places to be working!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy 91st birthday to a great man. As of today, he's now the author of three books. And best of all, he's my father. Love you, Dad!
Peter Suarez aboard Jacie Sails

Join Captain Pete For A Sail!

Looking for a great time with an entertaining captain aboard a classic sailboat? Look no further!

First Solo Sail (I Think)

(During which I discovered the jib furler was sticky...)

Transcript of Nathan Zahrt Vivian Vuong Interview From Ultima

NOTE: This is the transcript. You can watch the video HERE. SV Ultima Interview-Final Vivian: Hi everybody. I'm Vivian Vuong and this is my husband Nathan...
Fog Off Clearwater Pass-How Not To Sail

Episode 3: Fog

Besides crab pots and lightning, fog is probably my new least favorite thing. In this episode, we run into fog both literal and metaphorical.

Episode 18: Back To The Barn

After a month and 700-mile round trip, it's about time to put Jacie Sails back into her slip. (And HNTS party info!!!)

South Towards The Everglades

...and the wind, of from the south.

Working Feverishly… (Deliriously?)

A look behind the scenes at the madness... [Spoiler Alert! The link at the end of this post takes you to info that may give away what's going to happen in the next few episodes. Kinda.]
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