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Episode 48 Coming Soon!

Thanks to Dennis for checking up on me! Just a quick note to let you know that Episode 48 is coming soon! We've had some...

Amazing Cruising Documentary: The Sailor

(Well, it was good for me, anyway...) (And Welcome Aboard to our newest patron Don!) I actually ran into this via (mad props), found that...

How Not To Sail Reaches Under 1 MILLION Downloads In U.S…!

You'd expect no less on such an historic day, no?

EP. 47: How Not To Buy A Boat

Show Notes In this episode, I touch on a couple of "How Not To Buy A Boat" ideas that I wrote about in my book....

Ep. 46: Pull, Don’t Be Pushed

This just might be the most imporant episode I've done this year. Wait...what?

Ep. 45: Humbug! (Announcement)

An important announcement...and maybe some flute. Who knows?
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