Day One

Let’s get this party started. Hopefully.

The Day Before…

Tomorrow I'm shoving off (weather permitting), so today is the last day of prep...

Up From Hanging Dog

Today's mission: Complete editing and upload Pops' latest book, Up From Hanging Dog.

I Hope It’s The Cutlass Bearing

Hookah diving in the chilly marina water to fix the cutlass bearing...what could go wrong?

Season 1 Trailer

Get a sneak peek at the podcast!

Ouch, my head!

How many beers was that?

Why’s it so damn cold in Florida?

Of course, it's 26° in Atlanta and -7° up North, where unfortunately my Michigan brothers and sister just lost their father. (Fair winds, Salt...there...

Gulfport Marina (Florida)

More words need to go here...but I gotta go dive in some cold-ass water! Great Folks Newly Renovated

The Captain Billy Shine Show On Pyrate Radio

Well, we thought we were the experts on How Not To Sail here...but this guy has us beat! Tune in to Pyrate Radio on Saturdays...

7 Reasons Not To Visit Cabbage Key

No French Fries The food at Cabbage Key is great—and there's so much more than just the famous "Cheeseburger in Paradise." The inn on Cabbage Key is...

Is Peter Suarez The Most Interesting Man In The World?

Where to start? Well, Peter is my next-door neighbor at the marina, and a fine fella. And although I've been privileged to meet all...

Sailing to Cuba

So, in January 2017, we sailed to Cuba from Key West. Bradford recorded the adventure for his podcast, The Multimedia Ninja. You can read...

What’s wrong with my head?

This is NOT a tutorial on how to work on a marine sanitation device (a.k.a. "head"), but it DOES show that it's not rocket science, and gives a quick view of how such repairs go down. And if I can do it, you can do it. (Just don't sink the boat.)

Christening Jacie Sails

It's always a special moment for a boat owner. Here is the christening of Jacie Sails. We named her after our pup Jacie, who sadly never...

Moving The Boat To St. Pete

All I can say is..."pucker factor."

Nice Breeze on Lake Lanier

This would have been very not fun in the Gulf of Mexico, but it was big fun on Lake Lanier. This is me sailing Jacie...

First Solo Sail (I Think)

(During which I discovered the jib furler was sticky...)