Heading North

I sorely hate to leave Marathon, but...

Last Day In Marathon

It’s over far too soon...

Audio Production Day In Marathon

There are definitely worse places to be working!

I’m always moving stuff around…

It’s kinda like Groundhog Day in the tropics.

Some Squaring Away

Tracing the electrical system and organizing some audio...that is all. I think.

Back To Marathon

Fair warning: The colors in today’s post are insane!

South From Shoal Point

Should I repair stuff or head south?

Escape From Miami

A far-too-brief visit with family, and then I gotta hustle outta here...

How Not To Go Ashore

...and the boat traffic is insane!

Boat Show

And a big surprise...


If chasing down Amazon again wasn’t enough stimulation, South Beach SO is...

So This Is Cruising…

Valentine's Day...and we're waiting on an alternator and fixing the head.

Welcome to…Miami?

Tanya’s due to arrive...so of course it’s raining.

Old School

No autohelm and not much battery until we get some sun.

Further East Than Ever

...and then the alternator failed. I think...


Bummed to miss the GRAMMYs, but there’s work to do here in Florida!


After a long haul yesterday, I’m ready to chill. Maybe.

South Towards The Everglades

...and the wind, of course...is from the south.

Production Day

I foresee a lot of audio and book production today...

South Toward Cabbage Key

After anchoring in the Gulf overnight, it's onward to my our first destination.