Hangin’ at the Marina…

Moving pretty slowly today, but gonna have two interviews, so...

I’m always moving stuff around…

It’s kinda like Groundhog Day in the tropics.
Tanya-Cockpit-Jacie Sailsvideo

Sailing to Cuba

So, in January 2017, we sailed to Cuba from Key West. Bradford recorded the adventure for his podcast, The Multimedia Ninja. You can read all the details at (Also, there's an audio-only version...

What’s wrong with my head?

This is NOT a tutorial on how to work on a marine sanitation device (a.k.a. "head"), but it DOES show that it's not rocket science, and gives a quick view of how such repairs go down. And if I can do it, you can do it. (Just don't sink the boat.)

Christening Jacie Sails

It's always a special moment for a boat owner. Here is the christening of Jacie Sails. We named her after our pup Jacie, who sadly never got to go sailing. (It took me so long to...

Moving The Boat To St. Pete

All I can say is..."pucker factor."