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Thanks so much to everyone who helped out by taking the survey! (BTW, it's not to late to make your voice heard!)
Calm down, it’s about one of the most important things on a boat…the refrigerator. I discover a super-cool “feature” that’s been buried for a decade. And if “Blowtorch Mike” wasn’t colorful enough, surely “Reefer Mike” is?
Jimmy and Sondra Lee buy s/v Utopia, a Caliber 40 LRC, shoot a toilet gasket across the cabin, dodge catastrophe in a lock...and learn the importance of speaking up. (I think this just might be one of the best episodes yet.) Mixed by Maxi Frini. (Show Notes below.) Show Notes Big thanks to Sondra and Jimmy! Not only for being an awesome...
In this episode, I answer listener questions...with some help from a couple of VIPs...!
In this episode, we hang out with former megayacht Captain Boomies and her megayacht "Mate-ineer" Christian...a.k.a. "Bear."
In this episode, I may get to say a few words at the St. Pete Power & Sail Show; I DO get to hang out with the HNTS Patreon Crew; and...
Thanks to everybody who made the pre-boat show meetup in St. Pete a rollickin' good time! Bear, Captain Boomies, Christine, Sondra, Jimmy, Mike, Mark and Peter...you guys rock! (Thanks to Peter for providing some very appropriate music, and thanks to social media giant Christine Lozada for the group photo and drone fun. I may or may not have also noodled...
In this episode, we share a slice of the cruising life (sorta) from Sarasota and reveal a couple of the survey results...and have a sip of The Donkey. (Reef Donkey. It's a beer. The Admiral wanted to clarify that.🤣)
In this episode, I check if we're still afloat, try to get some music from Peter Suarez, and resolve a little wager we made.
In the last podcast of 2021, I get a couple of unpleasant surprises. Welcome to cruising!
A steaming potpourri of How Not To Sail news and tidbits to (almost) close out the year.
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