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A PLB like my Spot Messenger may be just the right thing for your coastal cruising and general boating needs.
Because what could be better than an *audio* tour of the boat? (Also, be sure to get in on this weekend's party!)
We discover our prop has fallen off, search for said propeller, and discover a fun new method of travel upon the water.
Wherein I have another senior moment about how long it takes to get somewhere in a sailboat; learn a How Not To Sail 101 lesson about using my eyes; and I may or may not have bumped into the dock in Bradenton. With good reason. With me are “The Admiral” and Jay Elmore, who provides the color commentary.
In this episode, we finally get the boat out of the marina, have a bizarre interaction at a drawbridge, worry about a loose alternator belt, wonder if there's any oil in the engine...and maybe go aground in the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW).
I get ready to take The Admiral and our friend Jay on a little cruise to Sarasota (and beyond?)...but find a major problem.
So, we had our little impromptu meetup two Sundays ago in St. Pete. The weather was perfect, as was the companionship and conviviality. Big thanks to Jim, Evy, Mike, Juile, Peter (who showed up right at the end) and our excellent server Bridget. We had a large time! Don't forget, you can join the How Not To Sail Patreon Crew for...
Wherein I finally make it to the boat...and find a couple of "wrinkles."
Sometimes when you try to save yourself some hassle, you end up creating more. Did that happen in this case? You be the judge.
Been listening to the show on Apple Podcasts? If so, you probably were missing a few episodes of How Not To Sail...including the latest!
Big fun (can you hear the sarcasm?) with a required 10-year survey. Who knew there were so many things wrong with my boat?   How Not To Sail Ep. 54: Boat Survey Fail Feb 16 2024     Show Notes So...not to give too much away from the episode (in case you haven't listened to the episode yet). But I'm guessing it's probably a common thing for...
Recently I had the privilege of joining the monthly festivities of the Barefoot Sailing Club from Lake Lanier.