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If you have an older sailboat, then you probably have some leaks in your cabin top. I'm no expert at how to paint and fill cracks, but...
(For the video version, click the main image above. I recommend the "Watch on YouTube" option, so you can comment, "like," subscribe, and whatnot. For the audio version, click on the player below.) Editing and mixing by Maximiliano Frini. Subscribe FREE and never miss an episode! (Works simply on whatever device you're reading this on.) Click Me! Show Notes Reaching Reality Okay, as promised, here's the link...
Okay, short but sweet... Join me Thursday at Noon EST for the premiere of the video version of Episode 23 of How Not To Sail...! Show up a few minutes before Noon and join in the chat...! Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8ONcMyDwlg   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8ONcMyDwlg
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Even with his feet up and palm trees nearby, our friend Wayne Stinnett continues to make me look like a slacker! I'm only working on my second book, and Wayne is already about to release the 57th installation of his bestselling Jesse McDermott series. (I'm pretty sure this one's the 57th in the series. Not even to mention the...
In this episode, I take my brother sailing, and uncover some more How Not To Sail tips…
This first episode of Season Two is about a rather dirty topic.
Here are some of the stories and How Not To Sail moments from Bob Bitchin, Fuel Dock Debbie, and Eric Stone you *didn't* hear in Season One...!
If you don’t like better vision and great customer service, don't get these Costa Tuna Alley shades from SportRx.
If you missed the party...or just want to bathe in the wonderful goodness of it again...here ya go!
In the FINAL episode of Season One, I visit with Eric Stone.
Kinda self-explanatory, no? Well then...it's about me wrapping up my sail around South Florida and honing the podcast.