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Here are some of the stories and How Not To Sail moments from Bob Bitchin, Fuel Dock Debbie, and Eric Stone you *didn't* hear in Season One...!
If you don’t like better vision and great customer service, don't get these Costa Tuna Alley shades from SportRx.
If you missed the party...or just want to bathe in the wonderful goodness of it again...here ya go!
In the FINAL episode of Season One, I visit with Eric Stone.
Kinda self-explanatory, no? Well then...it's about me wrapping up my sail around South Florida and honing the podcast.
Here's a great recipe for a frozen daiquiri a la the famous Floridita bar in Havana, the "birthplace of the daiquiri"...
I'm throwing an End-Of-Season-One party, and you're invited!
After a month and 700-mile round trip, it's about time to put Jacie Sails back into her slip. (And HNTS party info!!!)
Peter Suarez aboard Jacie Sails
Looking for a great time with an entertaining captain aboard a classic sailboat? Look no further!
There's a right way to tie a cleat hitch. And so many wrong ways...
In this episode we come full circle. (You'll hear what I mean if you've heard the previous episodes...)
UPDATE: The short answer appears to be Yes. Got an RMA number and heading to the St. Pete West Marine store...