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Show Notes In this episode, I touch on a couple of "How Not To Buy A Boat" ideas that I wrote about in my book. (You can find it at the bottom of this post if you don't already have it.) But I wanted to be sure you have a chance to check out these other two books—which I realize...
This just might be the most imporant episode I've done this year. Wait...what?
An important announcement...and maybe some flute. Who knows?
It's party time!
Strange how much this episode from a "pre-How Not To Sail" podcast parallels this week's events—and how little I learned from my experience. Don’t forget, you need to RSVP (below) for the Season 2 Zoom Party if you want to attend! Audience feedback drives the show. I’d love for you to contact me and keep the conversation going! Email bradford@hownottosail.com, call...
We're getting ready for some large fun!
Some news about the Zoom party, a certain boat show...and what I've been screwing around with.
I try to actally fix a coupla things so I can get back "home"...and make a disturbing discovery at the last minute.
A big crane (a.k.a. a “travel lift”) plucks my sailboat from the water, hopefully in one piece. And we meet an old friend.
What the @#*$&^ is going on this week, you ask? This is the answer.
I cruise up the Gulf Coast, discover how dangerous sunscreen can be, and...maybe(???) get hauled out?
I fail to repair my thru-hull valves but learn How Not To Snuba and just a wee bit about diesel engines. And maybe I'm optimistic?