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Peter Suarez aboard Jacie Sails
Looking for a great time with an entertaining captain aboard a classic sailboat? Look no further!
There's a right way to tie a cleat hitch. And so many wrong ways...
In this episode we come full circle. (You'll hear what I mean if you've heard the previous episodes...)
UPDATE: The short answer appears to be Yes. Got an RMA number and heading to the St. Pete West Marine store...
In this episode, I do a couple of stupid things. Try not to be surprised.
You won't want to miss this awesome interview with Captain Boomies (and a surprise guest)! Plenty of drinkin', cussin', and boating horror stories.
Bob and Jody Lost everything in the Bear fire. Here's how you can help...

Just wow…

Drove through a lot of heavy rain in North Florida to get down here to Gulfport... and was rewarded with ...
In this episode, I finally head back toward my home port, meet some "old friends," and am stubbornly persistent as usual. Hopefully that works out okay.
From Kansas City to the Gulf Coast... Welcome Boatswain Julie McGinnis!
Happy 91st birthday to a great man. As of today, he's now the author of three books. And best of all, he's my father. Love you, Dad!
Thanks to our awesome friend and very first Patreon patron Captain Boomies for the kind words! Keep reading... :)