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There's nobody with more experience in How Not To Sail than the legendary Captain Bob Bitchin. What could possibly go wrong?
The Admiral and I visit the Bahamas island of freedom, drive on the wrong side of the road...and *maybe* escape a man with a machete.
Thanks to Dennis for checking up on me! Just a quick note to let you know that Episode 48 is coming soon! We've had some "challenges" again lately. (As I'm sure you have, too...so I'm not sayin' I'm unique or anything.) Anyway, Episode 48 should be arriving shortly if nothing else goes haywire in the next few days...and I think it...
(Well, it was good for me, anyway...) (And Welcome Aboard to our newest patron Don!) I actually ran into this via LatsAtts.com (mad props), found that it was (thankfully) accessible from our cable provider's On Demand offerings (via third party Tubi, whatever that is...but we didn't have to jump through any hoops or pay for it, as far as I know.) ANYway,...
You'd expect no less on such an historic day, no?
Show Notes In this episode, I touch on a couple of "How Not To Buy A Boat" ideas that I wrote about in my book. (You can find it at the bottom of this post if you don't already have it.) But I wanted to be sure you have a chance to check out these other two books—which I realize...
This just might be the most imporant episode I've done this year. Wait...what?
An important announcement...and maybe some flute. Who knows?
It's party time!
Strange how much this episode from a "pre-How Not To Sail" podcast parallels this week's events—and how little I learned from my experience. Don’t forget, you need to RSVP (below) for the Season 2 Zoom Party if you want to attend! Audience feedback drives the show. I’d love for you to contact me and keep the conversation going! Email bradford@hownottosail.com, call...
We're getting ready for some large fun!
Some news about the Zoom party, a certain boat show...and what I've been screwing around with.