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Sometimes you just have to remind yourself to stop and smell the marina—er, roses. Whichever...
Photo of Captain Boomies from the YouTube interview
A very special welcome to our very first Patreon patron, Captain Boomies!
(Which occurred to me while re-launching the dinghy.)
As I mentioned during the latest podcast episode (posted today), you can now get the very same magazine that ruined my life...for free! While people are stuck in their homes, Captain Bitchin is giving away the online version (which normally sells for $3.99) free of charge, and with no obligation to do anything! Latitudes & Attitudes is the #1 selling boating...
After coming to grips with the new reality of things, I start the 350-mile journey back toward Marathon, and "home." (And I probably should learn how certain things work on the boat. Just sayin'.)
FYI, to comment and use all the features and such, I highly recommend you watch this video on YouTube. (All the same links below are there, too, not to worry...) In this episode, Nathan and Vivian from s/v Ultima join me to talk boats and drones, How Not To Refit A Boat, with a couple of stories about John Kretschmer...