The Story of How Not To Sail

Several years ago, after the sailing bug advanced to the terminal stage, and while I was producing The Multimedia Ninja podcast, I had an idea.

In the podcast I’d say I’m not an expert, but I can share some things NOT to do.

I thought, “Hey, I can help some folks out with buying and enjoying a sailboat, too!” And some of my stupid mistakes might just be entertaining, as well.

Work Begun

So I started writing down some chapters in How Not To Sail.

I got the idea from, of all things, a book on gaming, which was called How Not To Win at COD MW3. In it, the author would start each chapter with some bass-ackwards advice, like, “Try playing the game drunk, you’ll do so much better!”

So I figured I would do the same, and I could even use the beginning of each chapter to set up — and then dispel — some common misunderstanding about cruising.

But mostly what I wanted to do was just share the joy I’ve felt cruising around in Jacie Sails, overcoming challenges and visiting really cool places — and to show that you can do it, too.

Of course, things happen in life, like making a living; and so “How Not To Sail” remained a to-do doodle on the whiteboard in my studio, while I took a detour.

Work Interrupted

It all started when I emailed Bob Bitchin. Well, that’s not exactly right. It all started when I made the video.

I should explain.

You see, I have the weakness — er, capability — of taking on more things than can actually be accomplished by one human. So with the book in full swing, I decided, Hey, I’m a multimedia ninja…I should do a podcast on this. And while I’m at it, I should make it a video podcast too!

What could possibly go wrong? (cont’d…)

Well, as Bitchin would tell you…a lot. I’m pretty quick with the multimedia stuff, but producing an audio podcast obviously adds more to your schedule. Producing a video version — especially with good production — is a recipe for insanity.

“Great googly-moogly, this video thing is a bear!” Bitchin told me recently. Or something like that. Anyway, I agree totally. I produced about forty episodes of The Multimedia Ninja podcast in dual audio and video versions, with a super-intensive graphics intro.

And I didn’t want to do that with How Not To Sail. But I thought maybe I could do a quick five-minute weekly “How Not To” tip on both audio and video.

[NOTE: Well…I probably need to finish this story ASAP. But I also needed to finish the most recent episode of the podcast! So for the moment: More to come, and if you’re curious about the book, here it is: How Not To Sail. Thanks for your patience (check out the audio podcast first!!!) and I’ll be right back…


(Oh, and here’s a blurb from a fella you might know if you’re a cruiser…)

I’ve known Bradford Rogers for a few years now, and I gotta tell ya, when it comes to sailing he is not the brightest bulb in the pack!

Sailing with Bradford keeps you feeling like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Even if you make it back to the dock, you are still wondering just how you made it back safe! If there is anything to be gleaned from this book it is how not to sail.

Hey, that’s the name of the book!! What a kewl discovery!

Bob Bitchin

Publisher & Janitorial Assistant, Latitudes & Attitudes
How Not To Sail
How Not To Sail
What could possibly go wrong?
Episode 1: Bitchin
by Worldsongs Media

In this premiere episode, I have a crazy idea to sail alone around Florida to the Miami International Boat Show to launch the podcast...and talk to cruising mentor, former bodyguard to Evel Knievel, and all-around-bad-influence Bob Bitchin.