How Not To Sail
Ep. 60: A New Way To Sail
Jun 5 2024

Show Notes

You can see below the video that includes a time-lapse of me installing the Max-Prop Easy in just about 10 minutes. Of course, it turns out that haste makes waste…but it IS easy…IF you be sure to actually follow the directions provided by PYI and make sure it’s properly and fully seated on the shaft.

(As you’ll see in the video, I was hurried a bit. Also don’t do that!)

However, I’ve been very pleased with the Max-Prop! You can find the Max-Prop Easy, along with other innovative marine products, at

2, 3 and 4 bladed Max-Prop Easy

(PYI Inc. is a sponsor of this episode…which is highly appropriate, as they’ve been very good to work with!)

NOTE: I’ve changed this one to “Unlisted” due to the number of inaccuracies I said regarding the Max-Prop, as well as the fact that I didn’t quite put it on far enough…as we discover in this episode.

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