How Not To Sail
Ep. 59: Sarasota to Bradenton
May 3 2024

Show Notes

  • A Map! A Map!
  • Photos from this episode
  • In Memoriam: Robert A. Wells

A Map! A Map!

I just love maps and nautical charts. Don’t you? Here’s a map of our cruise from Marina Jack in Sarasota to Twin Dolphin Marina in Bradenton…along with Whitney Beach, which we had to bypass. Aside from the fact that the red line is NOT an exact route, and should not be relied upon for navigation, I should also note that we do NOT take the boat into Whitney Beach from the Gulf side. Rather, we go have a meal at Shore or Mar Vista on the east side of Longboat Key, and walk across the island to the beach.

A rough map of the route. NOT for navigation.

I tried once to anchor off Whitney Beach, but the results were, um, less than optimal (And hey, there’s another map in the video…and it’s actually a nautical chart.)  

Photos from this leg of the cruise

View from Twin Dolphin Marina up Manatee River, past 9th Street bridge.
Our friend Jay, at Twin Dolphin Marina.
The pool at Twin Dolphin Marina.

In Memoriam: Robert A. Wells

I met Mister Wells on my first trip south, which was also my first solo cruise; and he was kind enough to give me some good advice…even though he seemed to think I was a little crazy. Which shows you how perceptive he was. I’ll miss seeing him having an afternoon beverage in the corner of the bar when I’d arrive for a stopover, or having a chat with him at breakfast. I’m sure Cabbage Key will continue to be ably managed by my friend Ken Wells (Mister Wells’ son) and my friend Robert Wells, Jr. will run the also-beautiful Tarpon Lodge across Pine Island sound. Fair winds, Mister Wells. You were one of a kind.

With Rob Wells, owner of Cabbage Key
With Rob Wells, owner of Cabbage Key.
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