Wherein I finally make it to the boat…and find a couple of “wrinkles.”

How Not To Sail
Ep. 56: A Sh***y Situation
Mar 22 2024

Okay, the marina day room is about to close, so I’m gonna have to add show notes later. Meanwhile, please enjoy my misadventures.

Show Notes

Aside from trying to clean the cabin somewhat, I ended up having to wrestle with trying to lay down some narration without picking up the wind whistling (and sometimes shrieking) in the rigging…plus halyards clanging and all kinda stuff.

Yes, it was breezy.

I normally would have my Heil PR40 on hand, which isn’t the most “high end” mic, but does have the excellent attribute of tending to minimize sounds other than my voice. I use it a lot for podcasting and highly recommend it for that purpose.

(L-R:) The blimp with the Sennheiser MKH-416 and ATE208 mic array inside, a basic Shure SM58 mic (music vocal mic), my “bulletproof” Electro-Voice RE50N/D-L (always in my backpack), and the Heil PR-40.

What I brought was my (definitely high end) mid-side microphone array in the “blimp.” I even remembered to bring a mic stand for it. Unfortunately, (a) I forgot to bring the special cable that lets me use the two mics inside to record “mid-side” stereo; and (b) this rig is super sensitive. I mean, it can hear a gnat fart at twenty paces. Which is not great when the wind is making all manner of boat/environmental noises.


Eventually, I ended up using a single mic cable from my backpack just to use the (main) Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mic for the voiceover. I love the sound of that mic, but it’s best for either studio use, or collecting SFX and soundscapes.

Sooooo…I ended up with a wee bit of whistling wind in this episode. (As I recall, you can hear it in particular right before the midroll ad, around 6:50.)

Production aboard the vessel, in between bouts of wind. The blimp usually has a furry wind sock over it. (You can see the Zoom F8n recorder—which I’m using here as an audio interface—at HowNotToSail/store…but you probably don’t need one.)
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Bradford Rogers
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  1. Bradford, loved seeing the inside pic of the old Bond’s Voyáge (the white). Even messy, she is still beautiful. Stop by and see us in Punta Gorda sometime probably could dock at our neighbor’s house. But, currently we are cruising in the Bahamas for a couple months.

    Bond’s Voyáge (the blue)


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