Ep. 48: Eleuthera Means Freedom!

Paradise just north of the Tropic of Cancer.


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Show Notes

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When we first visited Eleuthera in 2019, we stayed on the Atlantic side of the island. (For some reason the west side is called the “Caribbean” side…even though it’s at least 300 miles from the Caribbean!)

Queens Highway and some of the places we visited.

Drinking and Dining…with a view!

Front Porch

As I mentioned in the podcast, the Front Porch ain’t cruiser cheap. But we’ve gone there both times, and anticipate that will continue!

The Front Porch’s porch, which seems to me like the back porch, overlooks Hatchet Bay, which I understand is a good anchorage. (Actually two of them. I think the anchorage closest to the Front Porch is near a ferry terminal, so I can’t yet which anchorage I’d choose.)

Glass Window (The Bridge and The Bar)

The Glass Window is a place in the northern part of Eleuthera where the deep blue Atlantic meets the turquoise “Caribbean” shallows west of the island, via a natural archway the road runs over.

When we were there, we were able to stop near the bridge and check it out, but that may have changed. I gather sometimes storms can make some massive waves that have actually taken the bridge out more than once.

Glass Window Bridge

The Karaka Glass Window Bar isn’t terribly fancy. (Although they do serve a pretty damn nice lobster app.) But the bartender was cool and the scenery was—well, just look…

The Glass Window Bar (a.k.a. “Karaka Glass Window Bar”). I SO wish I’d located this pic for the video!

It’s maybe a mile or two (or less) north of the Glass Window Bridge on the Queen’s Highway. But don’t hold me to that…strictly a guesstimate.

Rental Vehicle

As I mentioned in the video, an SUV is a good idea. (I don’t mean a big, honkin’ SUV. But something with decent clearance that can go off the main road.)

On both trips, our AirBnB hosts referred us to someone to rent a vehicle. In both cases we paid cash and got a small- to mid-sized SUV and the understanding that it would be going basically anywhere on the island.

The road to Lighthouse Beach, in particular, was a bone-rattler, as was the road to the AirBnB in North Eleuthera.

I don’t remember the exact cost for the rentals, or the insurance arrangements, if any. I do remember it seemed reasonable, especially given the punishment these vehicles take on the island.

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach was damn nice. You can see the water is that cliché Sapphire Gin blue. The road to get there is no joke. Don’t try it in a sedan or anything, unless you really wanna piss off whoever you rented the vehicle from. (And please don’t do that. Karma’s a bitch.)

There were other folks here, but not many. (And they were all pretty cool.) It’s a known destination, but not easy to get to.

Lighthouse Beach

Like I said, the road to get there was no joke.

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