Amazing Cruising Documentary: The Sailor


(Well, it was good for me, anyway…)

(And Welcome Aboard to our newest patron Don!)

I actually ran into this via (mad props), found that it was (thankfully) accessible from our cable provider’s On Demand offerings (via third party Tubi, whatever that is…but we didn’t have to jump through any hoops or pay for it, as far as I know.)

ANYway, what an amazing little indie film…

The summary pretty much says it all, as far as “plot.” (Don’t worry, I don’t think they really dwell much on Capt. Johnson “contemplat[ing] his … death,” contrary to what’s implied in the summary.) It struck me more as just a portrait of daily life. I was mostly just amazed that a guy his age could get on and off the boat, and row a heavy dinghy to shore and back.

Safe to say the pacing in this film is “leisurely”…which I thought was a solid choice, along with the lack of voiceover. (There’s nothing but what radio producers would call “active tape,” plus “VO” taken from interviews with the captain…which makes for a pretty cool little vignette of an aging cruiser.)

If you happen to check it out, let me know what you think!

(This is the IMDB link, which basically just has the trailer and basic info. You can probably find The Sailor on your cable provider’s On Demand lineup, or on NetFlix, Hulu, Tubi or whatever ya got…)


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