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Big thanks to #HowNotToSailer Tal Sutton!

So, Tal emailed me to ask if I might be able to pass along the How Not To Sail “Drunken Sailor” theme for him to use as a ringtone.

“Sure,” I said. “It’s been a minute since I made a ringtone. So if there’s any file conversion needed, maybe you could send that back to me and we could share with everybody?”

Short story: Tal did indeed send back the files, along with instructions on how to use ’em.

If you’re a complete technophobe, it may not be for you…but if you wanna get the How Not To Sail “Drunken Sailor” theme to use as a ringtone, here are the instructions and files. Thanks, Tal…!

What could possibly go wrong?

Caveats: I won’t be able to provide tech support for installing these ringtones. You’ll probably know from the instructions below if you’re up for it or not. (But if you’re a cruiser or aspiring cruiser, then you’d probably better be prepared for at least this much “getting your hands dirty.”)

As with any files hosted on the internet, my attorney tells me I must disavow any responsibility for any (even remotely) possible issues with the files, or for any mess you might conceivably create on your phone or computer installing them. I’ve installed custom ringtones myself on both Android and iPhone devices.

Instructions for iPhone
(Scroll down to “Use A Custom Ringtone”)

Instructions for Android


iPhone-Ring Tone (longer)

iPhone-Text Notification Tone (shorter)

Android-Ring Tone (longer)

Android-Text Notification (shorter)

Of course, it occurs to me that if you are savvy enough to install these ringtones, ya just might wanna start from scratch from the official .wav file of the whole theme.

If so…here ya go!

Drunken Sailor Theme (Complete) with Live End Madness

Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Please don’t resell or redistribute without askin’…This is intended as a little gift(???) for #HowNotToSailers only. Thankee Kindly!

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