Even with his feet up and palm trees nearby, our friend Wayne Stinnett continues to make me look like a slacker! I’m only working on my second book, and Wayne is already about to release the 57th installation of his bestselling Jesse McDermott series. (I’m pretty sure this one’s the 57th in the series. Not even to mention the Charity Styles series, and oh so much more. I don’t know when the guy sleeps.)

In this latest story, Jesse McDermitt is starting a new chapter in his life. As captain of the research vessel Ambrosia, his stated mission is to study the oceans and seafloor, searching for rich oil deposits. His unstated mission is to locate and eradicate the enemies of society on behalf of Armstrong Research, a secretive organization funded by some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

When word gets out about a massive drug and human trafficking cartel moving tons of illegal drugs, along with hundreds of slave laborers, out of Venezuela, Jesse is tasked with finding them at all cost.

But how can one man find the traffickers amid the thousands of ships coming and going from Venezuela’s ports, moving hundreds of thousands of containers every year?

Can Jesse close on and engage the traffickers?

Well, you can find out right here:


(Currently available for preorder in eBook and paperback only. The audiobook preorder will be added by the end of the month.)

If you’re already familiar with Wayne’s body of work, I’m sure no further inducement is necessary! If not, check him out at WayneStinnett.com.

Wayne Stinnett is not only a badass writer, but also a Sailing Master in the HowNotToSail Patreon crew. We’d love for you to join us. What could possibly go wrong?

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