Here are some of the stories and How Not To Sail moments from Bob Bitchin, Fuel Dock Debbie, and Eric Stone you *didn’t* hear in Season One…!

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Show Notes

I was privileged to be able to chat with a number of salty characters in Season One…and due to the format, I only used about one-fifth of all the great stories I collected. So here’s some of the great bits ya didn’t hear before…

Bob Bitchin

Of course, the very first episode of the podcast features Captain Bob Bitchin.

Check out Episode One (with Show Notes) HERE. 

Plenty More Bitchin!

If you’d like to *see* and hear some of Bob’s great stories on video, I’ve created a whole playlist on the YouTube channel!

Fuel Dock Debbie

Fuel Dock Debbie seems to be one of our most beloved “guests”…and well deserved. Debbie has an amazingly buoyant personality…which is a prerequisite for dealing with all the How Not To Sail moments that happen at the dock!

Aside from this episode, you can find Fuel Dock Debbie in these episodes:

Eric Stone

Eric’s featured in a number of episodes in Season One:

And here’s the video of me jamming with Eric on Latitudes & Attitudes

Wayne Stinnett

I need to get some audio and video of Wayne! But Eric mentioned Wayne in this episode, so I wanted to mention you can find out about all things Wayne right here:

(Wayne’s not only a discriminating connoisseur of great books, but a fantastic author himself. You can find him dominating the charts on Amazon.)

Wayne Stinnett reading How Not To Sail
Wayne Stinnett reading How Not To Sail

** If you haven’t heard the previous episode(s), I strongly urge you to start with Episode 1 of this series, featuring Captain Bob Bitchin of Latitudes & Attitudes. CLICK HERE to hear the first episode. **

Thank You, Patreon Patrons!

Thanks to our newest Patreon patrons! You are providing the ammo, as it were, for me to spend more time on the podcast and less time on “making the doughnuts.” That’s a pretty tortured metaphor. But anyway, listen to this episode for a shout out to the poor souls we’ve most recently shanghaied. 🙂

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