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I’m a professional mariner with 20+ years making a living on the water, with enough yarns to knit a sweater. Everything about me is covered in a shiny layer of salt and sea spray.

I’ve worked with some of the best captains, racers, shipwrights and engineers. I’ve had drinks with legendary sailors: Tom Slingsby, Norbert Bajurin, Dawn Riley, and Dennis Conner. My captain pants are soggy as a starfish sipping sangria.


So why am I such a fan of this How Not to Sail guy? Because he’s living my dream and sharing it honestly.

Yeah, you heard me, it’s my dream to have discovered cruising as an adult, to know the thrill of learning how my lines and fenders work, and how to dive on my own keel. I want to get that jolt of joy from sailing into a new part of the chart without worrying about my ever-present “Contractual Obligations.”

This may or may not be Captain Boomies’ vessel.

I’m so grateful to Bradford and his screw-ups, because it reminds me to enjoy my own adventures on the water. It’s a freaking boat ride!!! I LOVE Boat Rides!


Besides, It’s awfully nice being able to laugh at someone else making the same mistakes I made along the way. The best part is, you can make all those mistakes and still end up with a collection of captain hats like me.

Interview with Captain Boomies!

How Not to Sail? Do it for a living, get jaded, and run the same cruises over and over. But don’t worry, there’s still hope for me. I still love the water, and it truly takes a few lifetimes to learn all the maritime goodness that’s out there.

In the meantime, I keep hunting for the next boat that I’ve never driven, or the next sea I’ve never sailed, or even the next boating gadget that I haven’t played with yet, and I plan to film it too! *Ahem* check out my adventures at captainboomies.com. What could possibly go wrong?

Captain Boomies at the helm.
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Captain Boomies
Professionally salty for over two decades, Captain Boomies has a few cannons lose in the ol' crow's nest, but she's got a course set to entertain you with whatever floating thing she wants.


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