In continuing my pledge to feature each of our first 10 Patreon patrons here on, today I’d like to introduce you to Dave West!

Dave has been a pillar of the How Not To Sail private Facebook group, and was kind enough to go big on Patreon by…inventing his own tier. (¡Muchas Gracias, Señor!)

Dave and His Admiral Shayna

If you know Dave, though, this probably won’t surprise you, as he is a free spirit indeed. (Um, see Dave’s “not necessarily safe for work”—but hilarious—profile pic below…which reminds me a lot of my touring days with The Floyds. But I digress.)

Dave has his own YouTube channel, where he puts his DIY and mechanical skills to good use. And currently he appears to be exploring purchasing…a sailboat! (So let’s all send him our condolences in advance. Just kidding, Dave!)

If you wanna help Dave in this misguided ambition…or just encourage his exuberance like the Duke and Duchess in Don Quixote (but nicer, we hope), check out the links below.

Fair winds, Cap’n!

Dave’s YouTube Channel

Dave’s Patreon Page (In case ya wanna help ruin another life and help Dave sail off into the sunset. Or something like that.)

Naked sailor with bourbon and pistol astride a hobby horse.
I had to include Dave’s current profile pic, because… ‘Murica.

[More Patreon patron profiles coming! You can still join the fun at … Due to the sure-to-be-colossal demand?, soon we’ll be reserving this high honor for the Boatswain level and above; but there are still a few spaces IS ONE SPACE left to climb in through the cabin lights, as it were…Yarrrr!]

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