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Woohoo! It’s here!

Hope you’re doing well wherever you’re social-distancing right now! I’m really stoked to finally drop Episode 11 on ya.

It’s a bit of a cliff-hanger, you might say.

We’ve been on the boat now since March 8—almost as long as my journey to Miami for Season 1 of the podcast.

The Admiral’s firm is doing work-from-home…and I can’t visit Pops in person…so “home” is where the boat is, for now. She ordered a printer, and…well, here’s the cabin now. ?

A New Method

For you podcast tech geeks, I’ve also started using Descript software, which I ran into at Podcast Movement 2019.

Basically, Descript transcribes any audio (like interviews and voiceover) that you throw into it. (“Hey, that’s cool,” I thought.) But more importantly, you can also drag in all your environmental audio, SFX, and music bumps, and lay them into the same script-based editor and timeline.

You can then export as a text transcript, or even export to Audition or Pro Tools for audio sweetening. But here’s the thing for me: I wanted to resist the temptation to go into another application. (Even though I really like Audition, and used it for all the previous episodes.)

Descript has built-in EQ, compression, panning and levels, among other things…so I did this entire episode on Descript. There are a few things I’m still clumsy at, or which feel cumbersome…but I think I can begin to negotiate those going forward.

And for this kind of show, I think it’s gonna rock hard.

Anyway, if you’re a podcaster—or video creator: Descript works with video, too—just forget my lame explanation and check out their overview. (I didn’t get a check in the mail for this plug, or anything…I’m just excited about things that make my life easier.)


Music Credit:

The koto music is courtesy of Etsuko Chida, via a Creative Commons License at


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