NOTE: You can still view the video, but I’ve changed it to “Unlisted” on YouTube due to the number of inaccuracies on my part regarding the Max-Prop, as well as the fact that I didn’t quite put it on far enough…as we discover in Ep. 60 of the podcast.

Back in the water! The Max-Prop Easy install went…pretty easily. (Is that Max-Prop, Max Prop, or MaxProp? It took me a minute.) More on the Max-Prop below…

The haulout and re-splash in general? Well… What could possibly go wrong? Check out the video, which also shows me installing the Max-Prop (time lapse) in about ten minutes. (Not necessarily recommended.)

Max-Prop Easy

(BTW, I do not, as least as of this writing, receive anything from the fine folks at PYI for mentioning the Max-Prop. But so far, I’m favorably impressed.)

[Still favorably impressed! And PYI Inc., the makers of my Max-Prop Easy propeller, are the sponsors of Episode 60 of the podcast and the end-of-Season-3 online party. Thanks, guys!]

The Max-Prop Easy is apparently the latest prop from PYI, and if you saw the video, the name is pretty apt. They say you can even install it underwater.

[Update 2024-05-07: …which is exactly what I may be doing when I put it back on shortly. See the podcast starting at Episode 59 for more on the prop saga…which as usual is all down to my boneheadedness, not the prop!]

The Max-Prop Easy Lineup

It only took me about ten minutes (after removing the old prop) to install this baby.

This is a feathering prop, not a folding prop…so the blades automatically assume the same pitch in reverse as they do in forward, which should remove a lot (if not all) of the prop walk you get in reverse on a single screw sailboat. [NOTE: It does *not* appear to have affected prop walk much, if at all. Not sure what I was thinking there.]

Unfortunately, it was pretty breezy and hectic when I was backing out of the boat yard, and I’ve only been out once since, to get some drone footage…but it seemed like the prop walk was minimal to nonexistent this last time. I’ll have to test it some more. [Yeah…I guess it was my imagination.]

The build quality of the Max-Prop feels excellent and heavy-duty, Turning the blades by hand reveals a really smooth and precise motion, with all the blades moving in perfect alignment.

You can adjust the pitch if needed, but I think the fellas at PYI figured exactly what I needed to match my old fixed two-blade prop.

Although I still have some vibration issues, I think they may be in the engine/transmission, since the vibration also occurs in neutral. At speed, though, the new four-blade prop seems to smooth things out greatly.

I’m looking foward to getting back down to Jacie Sails and doing some more motoring around!

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