I point the boat toward downtown Miami at last! What could possibly go wrong? (Plus info on the How Not To Sail book giveaway!)
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Ep. 51: DINGHY Awards™ Nominations Show
Jan 10th 2024

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February 13

It was okay when I got up…other than the barking dog. Then the weather got stormy. You know it’s bad when the forecast calls for waterspouts. And, as I’ve mentioned before, boy do I not like lightning! Weather report screen grab But eventually, I was able to motor toward what looked like the City of Oz… Below: The slomo video I mentioned taking…dig the water droplets. After ten(?) days and 300 miles, I was so stoked to finally be motoring toward downtown Miami!

How Not To Sail Free Book Giveaway

(As mentioned in the podcast.) Don’t miss it! Right here on HowNotToSail.com on February 22. I very much appreciate ya listening!
Below: Passing under the Rickenbacker Causeway, which connects Miami with Virginia Key (where the Miami International Boat Show is held). It always looks like we’re going to scrape. Finally…after the usual snafus… Of course, any day you survive to do laundry is a good day…LOL. Got my postcards ready. But will the rest of my marketing plan come together?
Finally, the Admiral arrived…huzzah!
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Bradford Rogers
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  1. Great episode Captain! Love listening and really appreciate the effort into putting together a quality product. Very happy I met you at John’s Pass (Hooters) and became aware of How Not to Sail!! Smooth Sailing.



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