Top 7 Books For Sailors


Looking for the best books for sailors for Christmas…? Look no further than this list of my 7 best books (plus two series and a bonus pick) for sailors!

(Did anybody notice anything with the flags? 🙂 )

The Books

So here links to the books I mentioned in the video. I’m linking to the paperback or hardcovers since this video is about gifts, but you can always choose “Kindle” if you like that better!

How Not To Sail –
The Long Way / Bernard Moitessier –
Biker To Sailor / Bob Bitchin –
(and here’s a link to Latitudes & Attitudes magazine: )
The Ashley Book of Knots / Clifford Ashley –
Close to the Wind / Pete Goss –
Bumfuzzle / Patrick Schulte –
(and here’s a link to the Bumfuzzle YouTube channel: )
Sailing A Serious Ocean / John Kretschmer – (BTW, Check out for offshore sailing opportunities and seminars!)
First You Have To Row A Little Boat / Richard Bode –

And if you like Action/Adventure fiction with a salty twist, check these out!

Fallen Out / Wayne Stinnett – (First of the Jesse McDermitt series)
The Opening Chase / Cap Daniels – (First of the Chase Fulton series)

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