Sometimes in cruising—and in life—things don’t go like you planned. Just ask Fuel Dock Debbie…
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Ep. 51: DINGHY Awards™ Nominations Show
Jan 10th 2024

Imagine my surprise when I saw this post on Facebook just recently—after visiting with Debbie twice, both on the way to the boat show in Miami as well as on the way back.
“It is with heavy heart that I announce I am no longer employed at Marathon Marina. My adventure began July 1, 2008 and has been a wonderful experience! The memories will fill my heart forever! I love you all! With that being said, I will be shutting down these facebook pages, since they were opened under my personal page. I am sure the marina will re-open a FB page for you all to enjoy, so stay tuned. You can always reach the marina at 305.743.6575 Hugs to you all, Fuel Dock Debbie signing off…”
(Ironically, I just got a Facebook notification that I got some kind of badge or something for being one of Marathon Marina’s biggest Facebook respondents. We’ll see how that goes going forward.)

Catching Up With Debbie

After a while, though, I managed to track down Fuel Dock Debbie, and, well…you can hear in this bonus episode what happened.
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