In my quest to learn more about this “Trop Rock” music that all the boaters seem to love, I talk to Eric Stone, Mike Nash, and Brian Watson from SV Another Road.

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Show Notes

Where can I get the music from this episode?

BIG thanks to Eric Stone and Mike Nash for permission to use their music in this episode.

Here’s where you can get the Trop Rock songs you heard:

Eric Stone

Everybody Wants To Be Jimmy Buffett
Gone With The Wind
Latitudes & Attitudes

Mike Nash and the Southern Drawl Band

Gone With The Wind

Bradford with Eric Stone, playing “Latitudes & Attitudes”

As promised, here’s the YouTube footage of me “sitting in” with Eric at his place. Not our usual technology-fest, but a blast! More on this visit soon. 🙂

[NOTE: The “Limited Time Offer” on the bottom crawl has expired. That was for a cruise Eric did in July 2019. Also, I wish I’d have known how loud the melodica would be on the recording. But now I know. ?]


Here’s where it all happened…

Well, here’s where one scene from this episode happened, anyway. This is Eric Stone, Brian Watson and me at the Tampa Tap Room for Eric’s gig.

It was a lot further than I thought from the marina, and I was surprised to see my fellow marina denizen Brian there…

Eric Stone, Brian Watson and Bradford Rogers at a Tampa Parrothead Party.

BTW, you can see the blog post from my drive down to Florida to start this trip, and including my visit to the Tap Room to see Eric HERE.

Spoiler Alert: Don’t go too far forward in the blog if ya don’t want to ruin the surprise(s) contained in the podcast! I didn’t include everything in the blog…but there are indeed some potential spoilers.


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