Episode 5: Jacie Sails

In this episode, we finally meet the main character, Jacie Sails, and learn how she got her unusual name. (Also, don’t jabber aboard my temple!)
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Jan 10th 2024

Show Notes

Thanks so much for your patience with this episode. As you may know for from my last post, things have gotten a little “interesting” around here. (That’s just by way of explanation, not excuse.) As Yoda said,

“There is no ‘try.’ Do, or do not.”

So I’m glad to report that I’m back to doing what I love. And I’ve brought some extra bonuses this episode, including the PDF script, in case you’re curious what all goes into each episode before I start recording and editing.

Jacie Sails

I’ve been talking about my sailboat Jacie Sails for several episodes now, so I figured it’s about time we met ‘er…and shared how we came to name her. [SPOILER ALERT: Stop here if you haven’t heard the podcast episode yet, and don’t want to spoil the answer!] Download the PDF script for Episode 5, “Jacie Sails.” I bought Jacie Sails (then known as Bond’s Voyage) right after Halloween 2012, on Lake Lanier, near Atlanta. My “due diligence,” as you’ll hear in the podcast, was…minimal.
Holy s—!!! I just bought a boat!
I spent the winter of 2012 figuring meeting some great folks and developing a ton of tips on How Not To Sail.
Ya meet some great folks on the lake… Hanging out here with “English David.”
The setting was beautiful, if totally different from where we’d end up.
Morning on Lake Lanier.
In late Spring 2013, we moved her to St. Petersburg, Florida, and had some refitting done…including renaming her.
“She’s not heavy…she’s my baby!” (Note the Bitchin t-shirt. Bob Bitchin is featured in Episode 1.)
[VIDEO] Moving The Boat To St. Pete For the boat lettering, we were fortunate enough to find Jack Coletti of Midnight Oil Workshop, who did a fantastic job.
Jack Coletti of Midnight Oil Workshop reveals the new name.

What’s in a Name?

Okay, so hopefully you’ve heard the podcast by now, so I can reveal that we named Jacie Sails after…our dog Jacie. (I would still encourage you to listen to the audio podcast episode if you haven’t!)
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After moving Jacie Sails to her new home in Gulfport (Florida), The Admiral and I took her about ten miles off St. Pete Beach, where we christened her, and consigned Jacie’s ashes to the sea.
Tanya scattering Jacie’s ashes.
[VIDEO] Christening Jacie Sails
Bradford with champagne bottle for christening Jacie Sails.
Log entry for July 6, 2013


If you’ve read this far, here’s a little tribute I made way back in the day for Jacie. You can see some of the characteristics I mentioned in the podcast, including her poor feet. So Jacie never got to go sailing…but we found a way to honor her. You’re a good girl, Jacie.
This is Jacie. She was a great dog.
Download the PDF script for Episode 5, “Jacie Sails.”

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