In Episode 2, I make final preparations for my voyage, gain a theme song, and learn an interesting lesson from musician and sailor Peter Suarez.


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Well let’s see… In this episode, I promised to tell where you can hear Peter’s music. I reckon since I’ve already done this other post, the easiest thing is just to go here

I’ve got a couple of songs posted, as well as a clip of Peter as Theo the stage manager. It is not to be missed!

If that doesn’t wet your whistle, just hit me up on the comments…I’m sure I can find more. πŸ™‚


  1. Love the pod.. it’s great that Bob is a supporter.. when I was deployed I found his magazine was free to military and I emailed him. He was great and super personnel. Made my day and reminded me why water folks are AMAZING..

    • Wow, thanks for listening, Jodi. And thank you for your service!!! Yeah, Bob is awesome…even if he ruined my life! LOL. I didn’t realize he made the mag available free to members of the military, but that sounds just like the kind of cool thing he would do. πŸ™‚


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