Spring Break Tip: Don’t Drink and Boat

We have a lot of fun here at How Not To Sail. But seriously, one thing you should not do is operate your boat drunk. We all know folks that do it. But the consequences are serious. According to the US Coast Guard’s report, alcohol was the leading cause of fatal boating accidents. Moreover, Boating Under the Influence is illegal in all 50 states, and as the US Coast Guard reminds us, “The Coast Guard and every state have stringent penalties for violating BUI laws. Penalties can include large fines, suspension or revocation of boat operator privileges, and jail terms. The Coast Guard and the states cooperate fully in enforcement in order to remove impaired boat operators from the waters.”
Don't be one of the hundreds of Boating Under the Influence arrests this Spring Break!
Blow before you go!
Of course, with all the cool waterfront restaurants and bars available, it’s tempting to toss back a couple before motoring or sailing back to the marina. But first of all…don’t. You read the previous part, right? Jail is bad. Losing your boat is bad. Dying (or killing somebody) is bad.

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Jan 10th 2024
Okay, but let’s suppose you’ve had a couple. Maybe you’re on Spring Break and you don’t know better yet. (You will.) At least take advantage of the breathalyzer machine that’s probably already in your favorite bar. And if your bar doesn’t have one yet, tell ’em to check out http://breathalyzerineverybar.com. Like I said, we don’t take most things too seriously here at How Not To Sail. But BUI is no joke. So stay safe out there, folks!
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