The Sound Of Laundry


Starting Mileage (This Trip): 572.1 NM


It is time.


Wanted to record the departure “Sécurité” radio call of Key West Express, but it appears they’re a few minutes early. ?


Doing the laundry…and recording it, of course. I’m sure I amused some folks. One of the fellas on s/v I Believe was kind enough to snap a photo for me.

One of the washing machines ate my quarters without doing anything, but Debbie from the front desk retrieved them for me and I used the remaining machine for both loads.

Ending Mileage (This Trip): 596.7 NM

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Bradford Rogers
Producer. Performer. Sailor. Multimedia Ninja. Author of How Not To Sail, host of the How Not To Sail podcast and YouTube channel.


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