Heading North


SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t listened to Season One of the podcast yet, this may give some things away. I highly recommend checking out the podcast.

Starting Mileage (This Trip): 448.2 NM

I’m gonna be out of range for a long time today—maybe into tomorrow—so I may have to circle back later. But here’s so far…

[Below: My day in 60 seconds. I recommend you view this video on YouTube so you don’t miss the interactive features and your fellow #HowNotToSailers!]


I can hear somebody heading out. I should be, too. But I’m still enjoying my snug quarter berth.


Shower time. Won’t be another for a coupla days.


Working on Pops’ email list and today’s email broadcast…


Photography fun. I also get my boat neighbor to snap a picture of me standing on the dock astern of Jacie Sails.


Pops’ podcast up, other stuff attended to…

I had briefly entertained the thought of getting out of here at 04:00. Yeah…so that’s not happening. I’m gonna use every damned second of that 11:00 check out.


Couldn’t see the autohelm display, and couldn’t restart it without seeing what screen it was on… so drifted in neutral a minute and unplugged the cable and plugged it back in. Good to go.



This tug and barge that confused me so the other night really have things congested under the bridge.


Between the new bridge and the old span.


Just thinking what a nasty late night and early morning Tanya and I had in this area in August 2015…

(Beware: Fat shirtless Bradford footage…)

Okay, gonna be out of range for at least 10-12 hours. See ya on the other side!

(And from my log…here are the highlights.)

Very long day.

Ending Mileage (This Trip): 535.1 NM

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