Some Squaring Away


Today is all about getting some stuff squared away. Starting with diagramming the main parts of the 12V system.

Well, it’s a start…


Its probably about time for breakfast.


Okay, the holding tank is about 7/8 full, and there are no signs of leakage after sloshing around a lot yesterday. So that’s good.

Now I can move all the stuff in the quarter berth into the v-berth so I can access the engine and electrical from more angles.


Oops. Got sucked into some tiny adjustments on the homepage. Not unusual.


Okay…some good stuff done! Got the stuff in the quarter berth moved up to the v-berth so I can access the engine better and diagram the electrical…

PLUS, I got the video intro rendered so I can pop up vids to my YouTube channel with a proper branded intro… (You’ll see the intro if you click the vid here…)

Seems about time for a dip in the pool!


Okay, diagramming this electrical system (even the main charging part of it) may be a larger job than anticipated. I started tracing just some of the stuff near to, and coming from, the battery. And, um, there’s a lot going on. And stuff is all bundled and in tight spaces…

The good news is…I have a ribeye on the grill and some decent champagne.

So I suspect that will be all for today. (Well, not quite…but transferring audio files and reviewing them is probably not gripping blog material.

Tomorrow I plan to interview Debbie the dockmaster. I suspect she’s seen a thing or two about How Not To Sail…

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