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Starting Mileage (This Trip): 421.9 NM

Last night’s anchor art. ESE wind.


Sprinkles of rain. Got up to close forward hatch above me and get binoculars from cockpit. Then lounge around in v-berth.

Looking up in the v-berth.


On and off light rain. I see this headline on the weather site:

…but this is what we have here:


Okay, enough screwing around, make some breakfast already!


Okay, enough breakfast, make sail already!


Okay, been screwing around with the Canon camera connect app. (Ugh!!!) But I don’t think I’ll have a problem making 6 knots today.


Out Channel 5… This is not Seven Mile bridge, this is higher up the Keys. It was the first and only place I could get out of the ESE wind and waves coming from Biscayne Bay.


All early afternoon I chased s/v Life of Reilly before finally catching up with them. Then the wind settled down a little and they passed me. (They were motoring, I was sailing.)

Seas were 4 feet on the port quarter. We slewed around a good bit in the following/quartering sea.


Came into Boot Key channel still under jib and hailed Debbie at Marathon Fuel Dock on VHF 16. Kept half of jib up until I got close. (“Belt and suspenders!” I was below “E” on fuel when I checked this morning.)

Good thing it’s a sailboat! Put 31.48 Gal of diesel in the tank, then fooled about trying (and finally succeeding) to get backed into Slip 10, with help of Debbie, and Barry from motor yacht __________ in Slip 9.


Aaaahhhhhh…! That is all.

Ending Mileage (This Trip): 448.2 NM


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