Up and at ’em! I’m anchored just off Knights Key, a stone’s throw from some condos.

There are about fifteen boats anchored just south of me on the other side of the Boot Key entrance. But I didn’t want to screw with all that last night.


The podcast is now on iTunes (Apple Podcasts)! And it looks like Kiera is the first subscriber, based on my Facebook page doin’s… Well done, Kiera!

I also transferred and labeled a bunch of audio I recorded the last coupla days for the podcast, and general boat SFX…

Now I’m hungry.


Brunch with a view of Knights Key.


Snug in Slip 8, thanks to the good offices of Debbie and a bystander or two. Breezy. Backed in. Capt. Billy Shine show is on. Will share with Debbie and anyone else trapped in the marina store.


A ninja’s work is never done.


Did a bunch of moving stuff around and semi-tidying up. Seems to be some annoying diesel smell, but I can’t find any leak.

Nothing in the bilge or engine bilge…you’d think any leaking fuel would have to wind up there, the way this boat’s built.

Would like to have less of these engine/fuel odors by the time I meet The Admiral. But we’re definitely well ventilated with this fresh breeze tonight, so will have to add that to the punch list.

Before I go catch some Zs, though, big ups to Sid, Sandy and Kiera for jumping on the email list! (And to Kiera for the nice review on Apple Podcasts.)

If anybody keeps seeing that email popup box after you’ve dismissed it or signed up, please let me know…it keeps showing up on my end, although nobody else has reported that.

That said…time to lay down next to the lobster kit and oars. ? See you tomorrow!

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Bradford Rogers
Producer. Performer. Sailor. Multimedia Ninja. Author of How Not To Sail, host of the How Not To Sail podcast and YouTube channel.


    • Interesting, Rick! Now I’m gonna ask the stupid question. (I’m never shy about that.) Do you mean, like, the first blog entry of this trip from Season One the podcast? Or just the first blog post I created for the site? (I’m guessing you may mean the former…the latter might be underwhelming.) Thanks, Rick!


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