South Towards The Everglades



Woke up before the alarm. Like a dumbass, I had to get up at 4:25 to put the fender back in place after hearing that bolt rubbing on the hull again. (Or hopefully it was the two-by-four on the dock. But probably the bolt. You’d think I’d learn.)

The wind was in the south, maybe 10 knots, or a tad more, pushing Jacie Sails into the dock. Good thing that part of the dock is right next to the quarter berth where I’m sleeping.

Afterward there was a different humming somewhere, like the cellos at the beginning of the Jaws theme, but a single, long note, repeated.

And I heard that funny Star Wars echo laser sound of something gently striking a shroud. The flag, maybe? I don’t think so. And no shroud should be touching anything on the dock.



Hmmm…apparently some folks are ordering bloody marys. Not judging. LOL


How Not To Sail podcast submitted to iTunes for approval. Slip booked at Marathon for Saturday. Fuel level checked…and we’re off!


Ah yes… the overhead cables.


Cut repair.


Out into the Gulf and making 5.3 kts in 8 kts of wind.


The obligatory sunset pic…


After running aground in almost exactly the same place and in exactly the same manner as last time I anchored here with Tanya…at anchor in front of Marco Island.

That’s all for today…and probably until Saturday, as I plan to be crossing Florida Bay, out of cell range. ‘Til then!

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