The Day Before…


A brief walk around Clam Bayou this morning shows it’s damned foggy.

So busy doing all the inevitable last-minute stuff, I’ll have to summarize:

  • Took a walk around Clam Bayou
  • Cooked breakfast
  • Went to West Marine again (see below). Bought flares, Hawaiian sling and lobster net, etc.
  • Reworked cover for Pops’ new book and futzed with Kindle publishing
  • Messed with Nebo app for tracking and logging voyage
  • Talked with John over at the marina office
  • Fueled up (60 minutes from preparing to cast off to tied up again. It takes a while, and not because we take a ton of fuel. She only holds 35 gallons.)
  • Replaced starboard traveler sheet (thanks to Peter for the assistance!)
  • Cut end off staysail halyard and tied the new end to the shackle
  • Filled both 50 gal water tanks
  • Replaced macerator pump Woops! Strike that. Too involved, will stick with pumpout stations for now
  • Rinsed and half-ass scrubbed the decks

That’s about all I can do today. But I’ll leave you with…

Today’s #HowNotToSail Moment

That is all.


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