Up From Hanging Dog

Today's mission: Complete editing and upload Pops' latest book, Up From Hanging Dog.



The grackles, crows and green parrots (parakeets?) got me going as usual. Was about to hit Stella’s but I saw the Lions Club has one of their $7 Saturday Biscuit & Gravy breakfasts. Boom.


Got the laptop and mic set up for podcast production. Meta.


Reviewing budget and doing meal planning. January came in $10 under budget. I’ll take it!

Thanks to Chris G. Parkhurst and Wayne Stinnett for recommending Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover to me.


After a call with The Admiral largely concerning logistics, a dip into Quicken and WordPress, and texts to Cabbage Key and various other things, a reset is in order. Off to the marina office with pencil, paper, and coffee mug only. (Oh, and iPhone. So much for jettisoning technology.)

Big ups to Denis at Gulfport Marina for taking time (as usual) to give me some tips on anchoring/docking near Venice.

Florida. Not Italy.

View from the poop deck.

Then, off to West Marine to buy a new pump to dispose of our poop when at sea. Yay.


Provisioning. (a.k.a. grocery shopping)


Groceries mostly put away. Time to publish a book. Wait…nope, time to fix this anchor roller before I forget until the last minute. West Marine didn’t have the long clevis pin I wanted, but a stainless steel bolt and lock nut should do for now.


Kindle book final edit done and exported, but taking forever to upload on this slow connection. Going to eat some raw fish.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a book pending approval. [Alarums and huzzahs…]


Got the email list set up on this site. You’ve probably seen it by now. Bedtime…!

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