Where to start? Well, Peter is my next-door neighbor at the marina, and a fine fella. And although I’ve been privileged to meet all kind of amazing musicians through The Recording Academy and Pyrate Radio, I have to say I’m in awe of his multifariousness. Or something like that.

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Let’s put it this way: How many other cruisers do you know that have the cojones to write, develop, and—here’s the kicker—actually go out and perform a one-man play? (Or is it a musical? I’m not sure.)

In case I’m lacking for words after these frozen margaritas, let me just show you a sneak peek:

Yeah. That’s Peter as “Theo,” the old stagehand, out grabbing prospective audience members from the street at a performance in Gulfport, FL. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it, as Theo would say.

Peter is the proud owner of a beautiful Cape Dory. Which didn’t used to be a beautiful Cape Dory when he got it. He jumped on the refurbishing like a duck onto a junebug, and the results are impressive. But that’s just how he rolls.

But anyway, you may have got a sense of Peter Suarez the actor from the clip above. But you may not yet fully appreciate his musical skills, or sense of humor.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you…the funniest song I’ve heard in a while…

The Prisoner’s Lament

Yes, I’m still laughing, too. (And if you’re not…be sure to hit that Play button!)

There’s also this awesome tune, All At Sea…which I gather is a euphemism for being drunk. Actually, I understand the whole song is populated with euphemisms for drinking and tipsiness…so enjoy!

(And apologies, the ninja needs to upload a version with the audio and video in better sync! So just close yer eyes if you get seasick.)

And here’s a clip from Peter’s live show, via Instagram…

Short story: If you get a chance, go see this fella.

Oh, yeah…he’s also featured in Episode 2 of the podcast…check it out!

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