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Ep. 35: Reefer Madness

Calm down, it’s about one of the most important things on a boat…the refrigerator. I discover a super-cool “feature” that’s been buried for a decade. And if “Blowtorch Mike” wasn’t colorful enough, surely “Reefer Mike” is?

How Not To Paint Your Cabin Top

If you have an older sailboat, then you probably have some leaks in your cabin top. I'm no expert at how to paint and fill cracks, but...

How Not to Refit a Boat

If you like stress and unnecessary expense, then be sure not to learn from our experience refitting SV Ultima...

Jacie Sails On The Hard

It’s always interesting to climb up a ladder onto your boat—which, strangely...

Hauling Out…

Well, the laptop ran outta juice...so in lieu of a description for now, I reckon the video itself will have to do the talking.

A Look At Jacie’s Bottom…

She's a dirty girl...

Some Squaring Away

Tracing the electrical system and organizing some audio...that is all. I think.

South From Shoal Point

Should I repair stuff or head south?
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