Mobile App Privacy Policy

No-Frills Privacy Policy

We take privacy—yours and ours—seriously.

  • Neither Worldsongs Media nor Bradford Rogers are computer/IT experts. We used an app to build the How Not To Sail mobile app, so we are not familiar with, nor do we take responsibility for, the underlying code that makes it operate.
  • However, to the best of our knowledge, we can make the following pledges:
    • We do not track your location—unlike many other apps!
    • We do not sell, trade, or in any other way share any information or data you might generate from using this app—unlike many other apps! In fact, all the How Not To Sail mobile app does is basically collect together the audio podcast, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc., for your convenience.
    • Worldsongs Media does not collect any personal information from your use of the app…and in fact, we’re not aware of any way to do so.
    • If we find anything in the underlying code for the mobile app which seems creepy or not adhering to the same privacy standard we’d want for ourselves, we will make every effort to remove it.
  • The How Not To Sail mobile app is not intended for children.
  • We highly encourage you to learn more about digital privacy and security, and to let us know if you find anything about the How Not To Sail mobile app that isn’t respectful of your privacy.
  • Thanks!