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Free to all #HowNotToSailers! Hang out with me, and these salty characters…

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Captain Bob Bitchin

  • Our sponsor! (And guest in Episode One.)
  • He's much larger than his tiny picture here.
  • Head Honcho at Latitudes & Attitudes.
  • 100,000-mile sailor and former bodyguard to Evel Knievel.

Live Music From Eric Stone

  • Featured in How Not To Sail Episodes 8 & 20...!
  • The official bard of Latitudes & Attitudes.
  • Author of the new nautical-related thriller Blue Waters.

Wayne Stinnett

Captain Boomies

From The How Not To Sail Podcast

Tanya "The Admiral" Reed

Peter "Captain Pete" Suarez

VIP Event: Exclusive Pre-Party!

Private Q & A Session with Bob Bitchin

How Not To Sail Patreon patrons at the Sailing Master level or higher will get admission to an exclusive Q & A session with our special guest from Episode One, Captain Bob Bitchin.*

A super-exclusive get-together with a cruising legend!!

(*Along with all the other cool perks you get as a Patreon Patron.)