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My Spot Messenger PLB

A PLB like my Spot Messenger may be just the right thing for your coastal cruising and general boating needs.

Ep. 61: Tour of the Boat (and Party Info!)

Because what could be better than an *audio* tour of the boat? (Also, be sure to get in on this weekend's party!)

Ep. 60: A New Way To Sail (Season Finale)

We discover our prop has fallen off, search for said propeller, and discover a fun new method of travel upon the water.

Ep. 59: Sarasota to Bradenton

Wherein I have another senior moment about how long it takes to get somewhere in a sailboat; learn a How Not To Sail 101 lesson about using my eyes; and I may or may not have bumped into the dock in Bradenton. With good reason. With me are “The Admiral” and Jay Elmore, who provides the color commentary.

Ep. 58: Southbound, Headed North

In this episode, we finally get the boat out of the marina, have a bizarre interaction at a drawbridge, worry about a loose alternator belt, wonder if there's any oil in the engine...and maybe go aground in the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW).

Ep. 57: Who needs an engine?

I get ready to take The Admiral and our friend Jay on a little cruise to Sarasota (and beyond?)...but find a major problem.
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