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Apple Podcasts Missing Episodes: FIXED!

Been listening to the show on Apple Podcasts? If so, you probably were missing a few episodes of How Not To Sail...including the latest!

Ep. 54: Boat Survey Fail

Big fun (can you hear the sarcasm?) with a required 10-year survey. Who knew there were so many things wrong with my boat?   How Not...

Barefoot Sailing Club Talk

Recently I had the privilege of joining the monthly festivities of the Barefoot Sailing Club from Lake Lanier.

Ep. 53: Your Questions…and an Audiobook Giveaway!

Did I mention there's a giveaway...?

First Annual DINGHY Awards™

Join me as we reveal YOUR winners!

Ep. 51: Vote on The 2024 DINGHY™ Awards…!

Listen to Episode 51, then vote! Did your pick not make it? Got a beef with the nominees? Let me know in the comments below...   How...
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