How Not To Sail
Ep. 61: Tour of the Boat (and Party Info!)
Jul 7 2024

Show Notes

Ahoy there, HowNotToSailer! The RSVP form below for the Season Three online party is short and sweet…gotta get this sucker out! You’ll receive the Zoom link (and be assigned one or more virtual raffle tickets*) once you confirm your RSVP.

 Yes, RSVP me for the How Not To Sail Season Three online party!


Spot Messenger

Spot Messenger and Rum Punch

As promised, here’s a picture of my Spot Messenger…along with what some folks might call “other essential gear.”

I actually got started writing about it in a little more detail, so…

Learn more about my Spot Messenger (and PLBs vs. EPIRBS)

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Bradford Rogers
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  1. Thomas says tell tour Admiral she’s welcome for the Air Conditioning!

    Thomas and Lisa Bond
    SV Bond’s Voyáge

    • Will do! LOL. I *assumed* (or *thought* I recalled) that y’all put it in, but my very literal mind said, “Ya don’t know that (and have a deadline), so just play it safe!” Suffice to say, we are *very* happy with that decision! 🙂


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