How Not To Sail
Ep. 57: Who needs an engine?
Apr 5 2024

Show Notes

Hey, Moitessier didn’t have an engine. Why should I? Just think how impressive it’ll be when I sail into the marina slip. Plus, I can save all kinds of money on fuel and maintenance.

–from How Not To Sail (Chapter 3)

Stuff I Learned

  • It may be a bad idea to flush the whole cooling system with the engine off. (Except when we had the flow restricted to just the manifold.)
  • My oil dipstick is stuck in the engine block. More PB Blaster may be required.
  • Persistence can overcome most obstacles. Except when it doesn’t.
  • I need to visit the boat more often.
  • The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley. (Props to Robert Burns.)

Thank You

Thanks to Jim, Jerry and Mike for the engine advice; to Evie for the hospitality; and to Jay and The Admiral for their patience.

Overcast morning the day after arrival.
Looking into the back of the manifold. Apparently the cavity you see here is where the exhaust gasses pass through. The cooling water passes through a smaller cavity above this one, which can’t be seen here. (You can see fitting at the top, though, where the cooling water (normally) passes into a hose leading to to the mixing elbow, where the water is combined with the gaseous exhaust before passing through the muffler and out of the boat.
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