I found someone to make the insurance-mandated repairs in the slip. But did it work out?

BTW, “The Bulkhead” (or “The Bulkheads,” I forget) is also the name of some skinny water north of Anna Maria Island on the southeast side of Tampa Bay. Once through there (if going north), you’re in the more forgiving depths of Tampa Bay.

How Not To Sail
Ep. 55: The Bulkhead (Is she alive, Doctor?)
Mar 1 2024

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Show Notes

Welcome Aboard!

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Bulkhead Repair

I guess I got in the habit of calling this a “chainplate repair,” but it’s really a repair of the bulkhead (i.e., the interior wall, if it were a house) to which one of the starboard chainplates is attached.

Here is the back plate of the chainplate as it appears in the salon cabinet. (I usually keep spare lines in here.)

So…here is a chainplate. (Actually, looking at it, this appears to be the backplate of the chainplate. The chainplate comes through the cabin top, is bolted to the bulkhead, and secures one of the starboard shrouds which keep the mast vertical. You can see the “cracks in [the] FRP tabbing” that the survey (correctly) identified as needing some help.

…and here’s the front of the chainplate, as seen via the bathroom (“head”) cabinet. The surveyor felt (probably correctly) that this hadn’t been done well.

Toilet paper not included. Your mileage may vary.

You can also see where the bottom of the bulkhead was rotten. (Sorry, tiny picture.)

You can kinda make out the repairs along the bottom of the bulkhead, extending up into the cabinet where the back of the chainplate is.

Unfortunately, I forget to save the good “after” photos my friend Jim send me…so I gotta work on that.

The Verdict?

So, here’s the back of the chainplate, in the salon cabinet, after repair.

Photo by Jim… Thanks, Cap’n!

…and here’s the front of the chainplate, in the head, after repair.

Photo by Jim… Thanks, Cap’n!

So…would I use this contractor again? Maybe. I guess it depends on (a) how good the “cleaning” looks when I get back aboard, and (b) whether I can come up with a more convenient system of payment. So hit me up if you need this kinda work done in the St. Pete area. I’ll give you my unvarnished opinion in more detail.

Guest Voice

…and thanks to Jeanine Carlton for lending her voice to this episode, as “letters from the insurance company.” I had a bit of a brain fart in the audio podcast and forgot give Jeanine credit. [Smacks forehead.]



What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? (Traditional) – performed by Bradford Rogers and Peter Suarez

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