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How Not To Sail
Ep. 52: First Annual DINGHY Awards™
Jan 20th 2024

Wanna see the video version? CLICK HERE. (I expect this may not stay on YouTube forever…for reasons I mention in the outro.)

Show Notes

Why these DINGHY Awards™?

Glad you asked. As I mentioned in Ep. 51, I was racking my brain to figure out which bucket of haphazardly-organized audio source material I should turn into the fifty-first episode…when suddenly it hit me:

Hey, I’ve done a s— ton of work to birth these first fifty episodes. As we get into a new year with bright prospects, why don’t we celebrate a little?

And once I got going on it, it really got the creative audio juices flowing. Why not make it sound like a real awards show like the GRAMMYs®, I thought?

Two people at the GRAMMY Awards. No idea who they are…

…so I got into my REAPER audio software and got cookin’…

This was about halfway through editing this episode. Obviously, the track labelled “Paddleboard Fail” contains much more. (In this case, most ot the video clips.) Incidentally, I produced the *video* version of this episode in this “audio” software…which is called REAPER.

I even made some wax-sealed envelopes—not just for our two other presenters, but for me. What can I say? That’s just how I roll sometimes.

Yes, I made wax-sealed envelopes with the winners. Even for the two categories I announced myself. Not many humans have received a letter from me with this seal.

How did I select the winners?

In short…I didn’t. Here’s how the winners were selected:

  • You voted.
  • I counted ’em.

(Of course, the “accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe” is—hopefully—fictitious, and the “Special Merit Awards” are just great excuses to recognize cool people. But in those four categories nominated in Episode 51, it’s very simple. You voted, I counted. And THANK YOU for voting!) The results should be visible later today at the above link. (I *think* I set them to become visible by 12:30, right after the premiere…but who knows?)

Sondra and Jimmy’s Blog

I mentioned in the podcast about Sondra’s blog about their current journey….which is totally making me jealous!


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“The Supermarket Theme” licensed via Music Vine

“Mojacari” licensed via Music Vine

“The Spirit Of Champions” licensed via Music Vine

…and others not requiring attribution. (I generally like to recognize free music contributors, even when attribution isn’t required. But if I paid to use it…well, I’ll mention if I have time.)  

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