Ex-biker, bodyguard to Evel Knievel and 100,00-mile world sailor. You know Captain Bob Bitchin has some great How Not To Sail stories! And is that…Morgan Freeman?!??

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Show Notes

Quick Episode Summary

Does anybody use these time stamps, either here in the show notes, or in your podcast app? If so, please let me know in the comments below or on the hotline (770) 458-3838… Otherwise, their future is uncertain. 🤔

I put these in a couple of episodes starting around maybe Ep. 31 (St. Pete Boat Show). I’m not sure I really want to encourage folks to jump around during the narrative shows; but it seemed like a nice thing to do for shows like today’s.

What do YOU think?

[0:26] It can’t be Morgan Freeman?!??
[1:33] Congrats from Captain Boomies
[3:22] Bob Bitchin: Sailing Saved My Life
[6:21] Congrats from Captain Pete
[6:57] Bob Bitchin: Rogue Wave and Blonde Ski Instructors
[12:03] Bob Bitchin: Me and Evel Knievel
[14:04] Bob Bitchin: How I Started Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine
[18:17] Outro, News, etc.
[19:37] That Sound Bite at the End

A Pyrate Crew at 2018 Miami Boat Show
L-R: Dan Horn (Pyrate Radio), Wayne Stinnett, Your Humble Narrator, and Bob Bitchin at the 2018 Miami Boat Show.

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