Calm down, it’s about one of the most important things on a boat…the refrigerator. I discover a super-cool “feature” that’s been buried for a decade. And if “Blowtorch Mike” wasn’t colorful enough, surely “Reefer Mike” is?

Mixed by Maxi Frini. (Show Notes below.)

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Show Notes


Thank YOU for helping us reach 100,000 downloads of the How Not To Sail podcast!!! Sure, it’s not Joe Rogan territory (how many podcasts are?), but it’s a damn fine start. And I couldn’t have done it without ya!

(By the way, HNTS has been downloaded in 124 countries. How kewl is that?, as Bitchin would say.)

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Who’s listening in The Bahamas???

Well, THIS is an interesting surprise… Over the last 90 days of downloads, The Bahamas has moved into the #2 position, ahead of Canada, The U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

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Thanks, Greg!

I have to share one of the best responses to the Facebook Group entry questions I’ve seen yet. (The question is “What is your best (or worst) How Not To Sail moment?”)

I gave Greg a shout out at about [14:03] in the podcast…but here’s what he said.

“My best moment is when I took possession of my new sailboat. I drove there while listening to the How Not To Sail podcast.”
–Greg (Last name redacted)

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What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? (Traditional) – performed by Bradford Rogers and Peter Suarez

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