Jimmy and Sondra Lee buy s/v Utopia, a Caliber 40 LRC, shoot a toilet gasket across the cabin, dodge catastrophe in a lock…and learn the importance of speaking up. (I think this just might be one of the best episodes yet.)

Mixed by Maxi Frini. (Show Notes below.)

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Show Notes

Big thanks to Sondra and Jimmy! Not only for being an awesome part of the How Not To Sail Patreon Crew, but for sharing their cruise with us.

Sondra made copious audio recordings…which, in typical fashion, I whittled down to maybe a minute or two of “location audio” and “ambi.” (She also took the time to meticulously catalog and organize said recordings…way above and beyond the call of duty!)

Also, large thanks to Cam and Denise—without whom this episode would just be about Jimmy doing the splits at the lock and sending toilet gaskets flying across the cabin. Great stuff, to be sure, but it misses that certain schadenfreude that makes for a compelling narrative.

We got a “new” boat! Utopia on the hard.

Barefoot Sailing Club

Thanks to the Barefoot Sailing Club for having me as a guest speaker! I had a large time. (Thanks, Cap’n Norman, for reaching out! And thanks to Tom and Erin and the rest of the gang for the hospitality. Hope to see y’all “IRL” soon.)

If you’re around the Lake Lanier area (North Georgia), check ’em out!

What’s YOUR How Not To Sail Story?

Have YOU recently bought a “blow boat?” Thinking about it? Have a funny (or not-so-funny) cruising story? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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