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Thank You, Aaronshack, for the very kind review! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Show Notes


Almost Flooded[0:52]
Release Schedule[1:01]
Why This Is Q&A[1:24]
Anchoring with Captain Billy Shine[2:08]
FB Group Reminder[3:58]
re: Blowtorch Mike & HNTS101[4:21]
How To Contact Me[6:02]
How Captain Boomies and Bear Got Their Nicknames[6:22]
That Sound Bite At The End[9:59]


I mentioned my daiquiri recipe in this episode… It’s not actually my invention, come to think of it…but…

HERE’s the link to the Floridita daiquiri recipe…

Upcoming Episode

Oh, yes, I’ve got several podcasts brewing in the hopper… This is actually the one I was gonna do this week. (Almost finished, in fact.) It just needs some due diligence, but I think it’s gonna be great!

  • Our Patreon friends Sondra and Jimmy make a Gulf crossing and learn a number of lessons on How Not To Sail. (I LOVE the idea of this… I hear plenty of my own “learning experiences.” I’m really stoked to share this one.)

Do YOU have an idea for an episode of How Not To Sail? Let me know in the comments below…or give me a hail on the #HowNotToSailer Hotline!

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